The Undecidable Position: Practice of Making the Meaning
The undecidable, is a crucial term for Derrida, the French-Algerian philosopher, for understanding any political actions and the very meaning of justice. For him undecidability was a condition of any language structure. Therefore any process of making a meaning will inevitably pass through this impossibility of making a decision. 
“The undecidable remains caught, lodged, at least as a ghost-but an essential ghost-in every decision, in every event of decision.”  Carl Schmitt’s concept of “Decisionism” relates the power of any decision making to sovereign. No matter on what content that decision is, it is the very act of making decision that is coming from a powerful position. Hence I find myself in an undecidable position, perhaps a position of denying any decision.
In my practice, I am taking a very simple act of playing with children white clay, in order to demonstrate the very abstract act of communication and language; and accompanying these videos with different sounds, for example with presidential political speeches, which supposed to purely communicate with people. While juxtaposing these sounds with the act of playing, it is interesting for me how can the image of playing occupy ones mind, without necessarily understanding or ‘getting' any meanings out of it.

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