Refusal Acts, series of video performances, involve the same act of falling with different backgrounds. This title is inspired by the text from Italian workerist theorist Mario Tronti, “the strategy of refusal” in which he suggests, the strategy against the capitalist development is from “inside”, as a “refusal of the command of capital as the organizer.” The act of falling in this work is not seen as a direct suggestion of a strategy but more as a paradoxical state of being. This series are located in Dubai with an industrial and absurd atmosphere. The act of falling is not supposed to be seen as a painful act, but rather as a repetitive refusal act, which is demonstrated in its artificiality/Machinery, with its almost sense of comfort. This is an expression of constantly preparing and being present, a struggle almost irrelevant to its location, and a desire to bring an isolated mental act of passivity into a condition of reality.

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