Knowledge/that/how on example of riding a bicycle
A. Shirin cannot ‘ride a bicycle’.
B. Shirin knows other people’s description on how to ride a bicycle.
C. Shirin doesn’t know truly how they ride a bicycle.
D. Other people who know how to ride a bicycle might not know how truly their body act on the bicycle which led them to be able to ride it.
E. Before getting on the bicycle, shirin could never know the experience of being on the bicycle nor what other people descriptions refers to.
F. After getting on the bicycle, she knows the experience of getting on the bicycle, which she could never knew before getting on it.
G. No one knows why shirin cannot ride a bicycle
H. Shirin does not know, how shirin should ride a bicycle.
I. No one knows how shirin should ride a bicycle
J. until shirin ride a bicycle, the knowledge of how shirin rides a bicycle does not exist.
K. Shirin can never know how to ride a bicycle, until shirin do ride a bicycle.
L. The knowledge never exist before shirin riding the bicycle.
Conclusion: Shirin’s Knowledge on How she ride a bicycle comes from her being able to ride a bicycle.
Knowledge coming from an action.

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